Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The New 52 is gone and with it is Superman's Kryptonian Armor
Above is the new costume design.

A few thoughts.....

1) He looks like he forgot to put his boots on.
(I won't get into the lack of red trunks)

2) He looks like ULTRAMAN

3) I really dislike the WRIST BANDS.

Superman doesn't need elements of armor. 
And these disrupt the design flow to his hands...
heroic hands you'd feel safe shaking.

4) Back to the Super Socks. It reminds me of Dr Seuss characters.

5) He also looks like he's wearing a full pajama suit with feet.

6) Patrick Gleason's early rendition looks so much better, which has a YELLOW BELT and RED BOOTS. In the above pic, I also removed the wrist bands.

Basically, I think Superman works best in his classic costume. For those who want the trunks gone, so be it - just have the "belt" include yellow to continue the balance of flow from the S-Shield. In the end, Superman should look like a HERO, be a visual beacon for Hope, and appear to be approachable to anyone in need. 

6) I wish 'Rebirth' Superman kept the beard for a little while longer

7) I'm sorry, but I can't let the socks thing go.


Regarding the New 52 Armored Design:

For me, my main issues were the armor lines - I just didn't like them, aesthetically speaking. Plus, why would Superman wear body armor?

I also didn't like the lack of yellow in the belt area. It made the design dull and bland. Superman should be striking - a light in the dark.

And speaking of the belt area... a belt without the trunks felt odd. Like someone wearing a belt with no pants. But the added yellow could fix that, I think.

Below are a couple renditions with slight modification tweaks. Primarily take note of the added yellow to the belt - I think it makes a huge improvement.

If you removed the armor lines from the 2 above (and the stupid JRJR hand sleeves), I think it would have been a more acceptable design for the New 52. At least for me.

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