Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Huh, interesting.... in an upcoming 5-issue mini-series ZORRO and THE LONE RANGER have a crossover, with Zorro DYING and The Lone Ranger going on quest for Revenge/Justice (your pick).

The solicit reads: "One of comicdom's first and greatest heroes, Zorro, will have fallen in battle, sacrificing his life to save his people. Upon learning of this tragedy, it falls unto the future hero of the Wild West, The Lone Ranger, to avenge the death!"

and writer Andy Parks says, "This series isn't just about the death of Zorro, though. It's about the enormous legacy that he leaves behind. When a hero dies, he leaves behind a legion of people that have been touched by his deeds. In this case, Zorro's legacy has touched a young Lone Ranger. Unfortunately, the bad guys that have ended Zorro's life are a small but powerful army who plan on continuing to victimize the Native Americans Zorro was trying to help. Zorro's legacy, even as embodied by The Lone Ranger, may not be enough to defeat this army of renegade Civil War bushwhackers."

No interior artist has been named yet, but I'd love it if John Cassaday was the one (highly doubtful). "DEATH OF ZORRO" debuts in March 2011, from Dynamite Entertainment. I'll be checking it out... but probably in a collected format.

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J.R. LeMar said...

Dyanamite's done a good job of revamping these two characters. I'll have to check this out, to see how they pull it off.