Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Reg said...

I don't know what to say. I'm just confused. No idea how Tim Burton would make Superman work on the screen.

Anonymous said...

that was really awesome, yet really, really, reeeaaally lame. htf that was gonna work out is beyond me.

in other words, "what Reg said". lol

Knuckles said...

i would have had to pay mr.burton a visit with my friends smith and wesson had this hunk of shit actually been used.

Anonymous said...

it's a plane ?
it's a bird ?

no... it's a chrismas tree.

G said...

here's the problem with Hollywood,and Comic movies.
A co -worker of mine ( early 20's knows nothing about comic books,) turned to me after seeing this and said,.."Man I think that was pretty cool, I would have liked to have seen Tim Burton's take on Super Man."

-Comic books, their characters,ect... aren't some abstract idea, that are open to "interpretation" They have a SPECIFIC Mythos,..they have Specific qualities about them, what makes them, who they are, why they do what they do, ect... These characters ARE set in stone. Some small details my change and grow over time, but The Source material doesn't just change. and people just don't seem to grasp that. It's the equivalent of doing a story based on the THEME of Romeo and Juliet and actually doing ROMEO and JULIET. certain things do not change, because that's the fucking story.