Saturday, December 25, 2010



Has Santa arrived yet? Did he bring you anything?
Who got coal? Come on, speak up!
I know some of you were naughty.

Hey, so I'll taking some time off... 2 weeks... to concentrate on finish building that working "Darth Vader Meditation Chamber" Bathroom downstairs in the Dork Cave.
So JIMSMASH will be INACTIVE until JANUARY 11th, 2011.... although I'll try and do some posting here and there if possible (no promises).

Everyone have a wonderful rest of 2010 and I will see you in THE FUTURE; 2011!!!!

*just kidding about the bathroom project... although it WOULD be awesome!


TimPro said...

Are you really building a meditation chamber?

Locusta said...

Have a nice time Jim and allot of energy for building that awesome bathroom. Can´t wait and see!!

Thumbs up and all the best!!

Jim said...

Sorry, the bathroom thing wad intended as a joke. But I DO want one!!!!!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy Xmas to you and yours!!! -woo & wife

Anonymous said...

If your throan is situated across from a shower with a curtain like mine get a world map curtain and meditate on that like I do....HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM NOERB