Friday, December 10, 2010


*this post dedicated to 'Red JimSmash'!


Red Jimsmash said...

It took every ounce of strength Bruce Timm has to muster up an iota of personality for his 20 seconds on camera.

Conan's hysterical. Bruce Timm - still a douche.

Anonymous said...

idk about that, but I too noticed Bruce Timm often appears to struggle with emoting anything on camera. Maybe he's just used to being in the director's chair. or he's socially awkward like a lot artists.

Anonymous said...

there's no way that Conan is "hilarious". seriously. he's about one of THE unfunniest funny guys in the history of "funny".

George Lopez is the Undisputed King of "not funny" funny guys, with Conan trying to take the title.

it's only fitting that they are now on the same network. perhaps they should just keep having eachother on eachothers' show until one of them has an aneurysm.


it would help Conan if he didn't have the lamest waste of time "musical" acts. not trying to hate the guy, as he is likeable, but he's just not that funny. really.

i would rather watch that useless hole of a dumb cunt Palin-the-ass and her dipshit family in that nowhere, nothing state than Lopez, much less Conan; which the thought of just made me puke a little bit.

Jim said...

I find Lopez completely unfunny & Conan hilarious. Ha, to each their own!

Mike D. said...

C'mon that was funny!!! Bruce Timm is a brilliant artist and animator...not a comedian. Lay off :).
Conan - ( pronounced CONE - IN )
is a funny guy. It's not what he says that's funny it's his deadpan delivery

Unkiedev said...

Conan is awesome.