Thursday, December 03, 2009


Check out this drawing of Magnus Robot Fighter by JimSmash reader RAMON! On his blog (where you can find em larger sized) he writes:
Okay, so there was this older comic book character named Magnus. He was very high concept back for that time in that while other superheroes fought all sorts of different variations of evil, Magnus had a specialty. Yes, in theory he could fight tyrants, thugs, and mad scientists but he did not. No, instead Magnus focussed the core of his fighting activity towards the asswhooping of robots. Why robots? Who cares, Magnus was around to fight them and them almost exclusively. That's why I did this drawing showing Magnus doing just that.

I don't feel like labeling the whole thing but I'll just give a wordbank of characters and you can place the names where you may.

Terminator, Iron Giant, Robocop, Astro Boy, Rosie, Maria, A femmebot, Optimus Prime, that kid from A.I. whatever his name is, the Bad Robot, Bender, R2D2, C3P0, A.W.E.S.O.M.O., Alpha, and the robot from Lost in Space. I know its not a complete list of all robots and you may be wondering, "What about robots like Data, Gort, and Wall-E?" Well my answer to you is this: I don't want Magnus to fight them. Because he would crush them. And I don't want that. Thanks for looking.



Ramon Villalobos said...

Awesome, thanks again Jim!

Merge Visual said...

He even drew AWESOME-O hahahaha