Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Kickass, man. Why couldn't the crappy AVP movies been more like this? And is that Lance Henriksen's voice? Weird because just this morning, on my way into Work, I was thinking about how he's kinda "self-attached" himself as the new "Alien Guy" to the series... he was in ALIENS, ALIEN 3 and AVP. Kinda like how Michael Gross tried to "take over" the Tremor series. Plus Henriksen made those Alien tiles a year or so back. Which is how I began thinking about him & the series this morning in the first place - "It would be sweet to make some custom designed Alien bathroom tiles for the shower.... didn't Lance Henriksen...."

*thanks, pacimage!


LFC said...

soo whcih one do u choose to be? i mean is it human only or can u play as alien or predator? or all 3 or all 3 in 3 different story modes? and lets say it was it 3 diff. story modes which one will u start off as jim? 10 bucks says Alien lol

Jim said...

If its like the other games, you can play as each species within the same story mode. I'm assuming this trailer was just from the Marines' point of view.

Sorry, ya just lost 10 bucks (you can by me 2 books! haha)

I tried playing the Alien before in other games but found it boring. For one, you're just killing and procreating with no real strategy or danger (you just get reborn as another drone/warrior). Also, when playing the Alien, you don't see other aliens really.... and where's the fun in that? So I tend to be a marine and geek out at seeing all the aliens running at me while I pee my pants. :)

Unknown said...

Lance Henriksen is Mr.Weylan, but who is this Yutani?

"The name "Weylan-Yutani" was created by Ron Cobb, one of the designers of the Nostromo and her crew's uniforms."
- Wikipedia

Jim said...

Lance is Bishop and that is all. Sure, he was Weyland in "AVP", but I do not acknowledge that movie's existence. :)

Ms. Yutani was seen at the end of AVP-R. Again, I do not acknowledge the existence of that movie.

Therefore, neither characters exist.

Jim said...

oh, also... some trivia... in ALIEN the beer cans have "Weylan Yutani" on them... but then in ALIENS the name is changed to "WeylanD-Yutani" and the logo we all know, love, and have tattooed on our butts, is created.

Anonymous said...

Let's play this soon Jim!!

KEEF said...

Pls say its for ps3?!

Brent said...

amg! Release date?

Jim said...

I'm hearing Feb 16, 2010... can anyone confirm?