Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the past 16+ issues, LADRONN has been providing the cover art for GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY. If only he was doing the interior art, I might have actually been buying the book. His Fantastic Four/Inhumans was pretty sweet, too. He should be the rotating Fantastic Four artist along with current artist Dale Eagelsham (pick up FF #570-572). Or I'd love see Ladronn do a NEW GODS series. Here's some sample art:
and here are his HULK covers for "Planet Hulk":Man, I wish he had done the interiors for that storyline.

*I typed "Ladroon" 3 times when assembling this post.

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Dylan said...

You should check out his Final Incal book. You can get it via Amazon.fr. Stunning stuff!