Friday, February 27, 2009


Last July I did a post whining and crying about the Hilton Hotel & Casino (Vegas) closing down their Star Trek bar (and ride & gift shop). The atmosphere was kinda lame - based on DS9 decor - but they had these awesome green bubbly drinks called BORG SPHERES, which would rock me on my ass and then force me to stumble into the adjoining Trekkie gift shop and buy stupid crap. It was a geeky Vegas tradition, and I mourned its passing in September 2008.
Well, the Dork Gods heard my whimpering prayers and have answered. The Star Trek Experience, restaurant and gift shop will REOPEN MAY 8th at the nearby NEONOPOLIS MALL in Downtown Las Vegas!! The new attraction will be tweaked to feel more like the new Abrams' reboot.... which is fine with me (I guess) because the LOOK of the place will feel more like Classic Trek, which I prefer over the DS9 theme.

So yeah - sweet! Thank you, Dork Gods!

Now, they BETTER still have BORG SPHERES at the bar, damnit!!!!

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Cris said...

I went out to Vegas specifically for the trek bar this weekend and had no idea they closed it... I was soo pissed off! I usually go and order a WARP CORE which is a red version of the BORG SPHERE... When the bar opens again let us know - I will be on the first plane out there... such a bummer.