Thursday, February 26, 2009


1) They are remaking "THE NEVERENDING STORY"

2) They are remaking "TOTAL RECALL"

3) They are remaking "CLUE"

4) SAMUEL L. JACKSON has been signed on to play NICK FURY for another 9 fucking Marvel movies.

grrr Jim Smash!!!


Sheila D. said...

Wow...I'll smash to that, too!


I'm adding my "ggrrrrrr!!!" too.
espacially for Sam L as Fury.

Dick Furry said...

1) Neverending Story really really sucks. Watch it again - this is a movie with a good premise but poor execution.

2) Total Recall remake might not be so bad if they don't try to exactly remake the Arnie version and stick closer to the source material.

3) You're defending "Clue"? Really?

4) I am indifferent to Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. Although I do like the continuity from the first Iron Man.

Timewaster said...

I just wanted to leave a comment because the word verification it was making me type was "Gunkfull". Gunk full!!!!

johnny said...

1) Neverending Story is not perfect, but still should not be remade. Its a wonderful young kids' movie.

2) Why remake Total Recall? Oh that's right, because no one in Hollywood is capable of original ideas.

3) Clue is fantastic! I support you, Jim!!!

4) Sam Jackson is in no way Nick Fury. Not at all.

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

I buttle no more.

jaganar said...

hate to tell u this Jimbo
but there is a first remake of the Neverending story . saw it at walmart about 6 months ago and i didnt bother picking it up, because i was afraid it would end up like Nes 2 or that horrible continuation Nes 3 which was a filthy remake itself .

2)total recall ?
meh , hollywood has no compassion for the past or how devoted fans are . THEN JOEL SCHUMACHER happens and all hell breaks loose , and the companies still dont learn their lesson.

Jim said...

hmmm, are you sure it wasn't one of the many abysmal sequels??

Anonymous said...

uhhh idk if u guys have ever read ultimate marvel but nick fury is black guy and he kinda does look like samuel l jackson... i think maybe he can pull of fury's style but then again most big time actors get cocky and egotistical (same thing right?) anyways.. i loveD total RECALL i dunno if a remake would make it but hey, as for the never ending story, when i was akid it was the only movie i would watch... IF THEY FUK IT UP I WILL HATE LIFE BECAUSE THEY BROKE ME AND MY PAST..PRESENT ..and FUTURE..(someday i'll have a giant flying dog)

Jim said...

Yeah, I've read the Ultimates (and other Ultimate Marvel books). The artists draw Nick Fury straight from Samuel L. Jackson photographs. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. Nick Fury is a classic, established character and I simply do not like the change of character. I've wanted to see Nick Fury on the big screen since I was a kid. But now I won't, atleast for the next 9 marvel movies. Instead I will get Sam Jackson doing what he always does - an amalgam of his Jules from Pulp Fiction, Gibbons from xXx and a parody of himself ala Snakes On A Plane. The Ultimate Nick Fury and the Current Marvel Movie Nick Fury are NOT Nick Fury. BAH!!! :)

The Ultimate Norman OSborn is also Tommy Lee Jones... ugh. NO!