Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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By the way, while researching this post, I learned 3 things:

1) During the 1940s-1960s, Wonder Woman primarily fought giant monsters; giant squid, giant eagle, giant lizards, giant what-have-yous...... and Asian stereotypes.

2) During the 1970s, she seemed to be tied up an awful lot.

3) During the 1980s, Wonder Woman fought lots of giant monsters while being tied up.


Basic said...

Jim, do you know of any good Wonder Woman arcs or stories that are worth reading? Can you recommend any, I want to read more Wonder Woman but have no idea where to start. The only WW comic I have is when she worked at a fast food joint...

Jim said...

Basic, here are some recommended WW stories... all in trade paperback form:

* JLA: A League of One
* Wonder Woman: The Spirit of Truth (oversized one-shot by Alex Ross)
* Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
* Kingdom Come (WW is great in this)

From her monthly series:
* Wonder Woman: Down to Earth
* Wonder Woman: Bitter Rivals
* Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon

(and let me know your thoughts if you read any of them!)

Basic said...

I've read Spirit of Truth and Kingdom Come. She was awesome the later. She was also great in New Frontier!

Ya, I'm interested in more of her monthly series since I've never read any of those. I tried getting into her new series v4 I think? But she wasn't even WW in it and it confused the hell out of me.

Jim said...

I haven't enjoyed this current series (v04). The trades I recommended of her monthly were the last run of v03 with writer Greg Rucka. There's 2 or 3 trades after the ones I recommended, but the art shifts around which hurt the book, IMO. So yeah, I say pick those up and see if you like.

JLA: A Leauge of One is ok... you get to see WW take out the JLA :) plus there's a dragon! heh

Frank Gillespie said...

Jim, have you picked up the new series since Gail Simone took over? I didnt like how the series started out but I'm really enjoying it now.

Jim said...

yeah, I didn't like how the new series started out either (although I do like the Dodsons). I was very excited for Gail Simone to come onboard as regular writer. What a perfect fit! However, I haven't really enjoyed her run so far. Its not bad, its just not great or memorable (for me atleast). I think the art hurts the book too, as I'm not a fan of Lopresti's WW. Due to economy, finances and comics going up to 4-bucks a pop, I'm having to cut down ALOT of my titles.... WW is one of the casualties. But I'll keep my eyes open in the 50-cent bins, though.