Monday, April 21, 2008

SOME HULK & IRON MAN PICS (you've probably already seen)

The Hulk's coloring is better than the Ang Lee version (less saturated). But he's still freaking way too tall!!! Source material, people. Source material.

I'm still "looking forward" to this, but don't have high hopes (when do I?). IRON MAN is higher on my list.... although I read that Iron Man will be in the Hulk movie! Sweet.


Anonymous said...

i'm looking foreward to Iron Man,..but as for the Hulk,..just a suggestion,..he's not a friggin fitness model/bodybiulder. Next rendition might need to include a thicker waist (kind of 'bulkish',..(get the pun..) think of a power lifter,..or hell even a bear/gorilla), and please stop making him 'pretty'. He's a friggin HULK,..he'd be closer to a neanderthaw (sp) than Gunther Schlercamp (sp also...),..who the hell is modeling these things, should know better.

allen said...

I agree...I could not sit through Ang's crap fest and tho I really want to like Edward Norton's version...I am not so sure...Iron Man is going to rock, however. I'm so tired of the frail super hero that Tobey M. made spiderman out to be...this could be cool.