Friday, April 25, 2008


Sorry for the delay on this one, but vacation plus busy schedule and all...

Above are the costumes for the live-action GIJOE movie showing Scarlett, Duke, Ripcord, Hawk, Storm Shadow & Baroness, and Cover Girl.

Apparently there was a sale at Bland Mart. I mean, really? How hard is it to make the Joe costumes... the costumes were already designed 25yrs ago... why go generic and boring? I understand staying 100% to the original costumes can be tricky (you don't want it to be silly). But if Superman, Spiderman and Batman can successfully make it to the Silver Screen while "staying true", I don't see why the Joes can't either.

Scarlett, Duke and Ripcord are wearing Batman's undergarments... atleast she has a crossbow, tho!! Cover Girl is ready for her "Guns & Ass" calendar photo shoot... and Hawk stole Van Damme's Street Fighter outfit. Baroness is atleast all in black, but sans COBRA EMBLEM. And Storm Shadow... the Matrix Twins called - they want their clothes back. Seriously, he's a WHITE NINJA. How does one fuck that up?!!!

I don't mind some tweaks, variations and "updates" of costumes. But come on, atleast make them look like the iconic characters they are - it worked for Snake-Eyes. It's like making a Superman movie but without the cape, S-emblem and in a black leotard. I mean, I'd be happy with just keeping the color scheme... like so (keep in mind, these were done in hurry!):
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SCARLETT & DUKE: Just keep with their original color schemes, more-or-less.

RIPCORD: Camo under the armor.

HAWK: Keep to his original look; green camo pants, brown leather jacket.

STORM SHADOW: White. Ninja.

BARONESS: Red Cobra Emblem on chest, and round glasses. Done.

Compare Pic: Click Image to Enlarge
By simply keeping with the color schemes of the characters, I think the current movie-versions are improved and actually feel like the characters... instead of bland character-X. A tragic missed opportunity to bring classic, awesome designs to the silver screen in a live-action movie.

Larger sized images here.


mr. legs said...

Wow...could these actors look any less energized in these pics?


Reymundo said...

the casting is already awful. It's only lately that I found out that DUKE is gonna be played by the STEP-UP guy...WTF???!!!!!!

THAT's bad enough news...
now these photos seem to add to the bad news

i think it's more understandable to alter Scarlet's colorful outfit for this realistic dark one...

BUT do they have to change Duke's costume? it's not as if Duke's costume is yellow spandex.... it's pretty much just normal military uniform... i see no need to dress him up in typical "black, realistic superhero costume" same thing with Covergirl and Ripcord, it's just normal paratrooper uniform, and Covergirl's real outfit can easily be bought in your nearest convenience store.

you said it best about Storm Shadow, Jim "Seriously, he's a WHITE NINJA. How does one fuck that up?!!!"

plus, he should hide that gay-ass face of his with a mask. he does not look like a ninja... he looks like a prettyboy boyband dork

Ive been a big GI JOE fan since childhood. Yes, we got to watch that series here in the Philippines too. But this adaptation seems like it's gonna be awful. Stephen Sommers. Ugh!

i think this is just gonna fail

(ahhh ...but then again, the idiotic MEET THE SPARTANS and FAST & THE FURIOUS crowd will save it)