Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ha, this is Jonathan - the winner of Penny Arcade's "LIEFELD POSE CONTEST". (Even Rob himself entered!)

The pose is great and cracked me up. But dude... you couldn't find a cleaner area to pose in? Maybe straighten up a little? That room kind of made me sad.

Plus,  background elements rarely exist in a Liefeld panel.

I of course am merely poking fun at both Jonathan (great job!) and Rob Liefeld (who, in my experience, is a great guy).

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baines said...

More to the point, if you are going to have background elements, use them to obscure your feet. (Okay, technically I guess that would make them foreground elements.)

Bonus points could have been awarded if the background elements were out of scale, or the body was posed at the wrong angle for the background. (Some of my "favorite" Liefeld art is when he drew a guy taller than a street lamp, and when he had a woman with her hands at the kitchen sink while spread eagled with her feet about a yard away.)