Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Aquaman #12 and Justice League #12 (august 2012)

The Aquaman book is... okayyy... 

Justice League is a giant steaming turd.

Neither come with my recommendation.

But I felt inclined to post the covers anyway to show my Aqualove.

*I've always preferred the no-gloves version of Aquaman.


allen etter said...

I'm not a big fan of Aqua Man due to an irrational fear of water, but maybe you can help me out. Who is the dude with the wide, flat helmet? And wouldn't that be a drag on forward momentum underwater? Just curious.

By the way. Went to New York last weekend with the college and went to Midtown Comics. Two floors of awesomess!

Anonymous said...

the new YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon is killer. not into Green Lantern (the animation just sucks, despite it not being the worst storylines!), the new Voltron is ok, the new Thundercats is very good...

oh, and the little "DC shorts" clips inbetween shows are AWESOME.

been out of the loop for comics themselves, because cartoons are just cheaper, despite there being a lot of paper out there that's good.

Anonymous said...

oh, and the guy w/ the mask is Black Manta, i believe, and...

DC... WHEN will you give out ANYTHING other than comics w/ the name AQUAMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!