Friday, May 11, 2012


He posted this back in 2008, but I'm just now discovering it... ROB LIEFELD is working on this:
"For the past 8 years I’ve been drawing pages for a personal project that is epic in its scope, because it involves every single character I ever created from my Extreme Universe that started with the launch of Youngblood #1. The book is called The Assembled and is told in the present, flashbacks, and flash forwards. The Extreme Universe is now ruled by an army of Supreme’s headed by the Supreme that returned in Supreme #1 in 1992. He has taken control of the Supremacy and imposed his rule on the world. Heroes have scattered and formed rebel factions in order to break Supreme’s rule. You will see how it all originally went down and how the alliances are formed as well as glimpse the struggle that the heroes now face as the Supremacy tightens their grip. The story actually began in the pages of the Suprema one-shot two years ago. I’ve imagined this story many times and now it’s coming to fruition.
The Assembled preview pages featured here depict Supreme being challenged by Nite (formerly Prof. Nite) Brick ( from Doom’s 4) and Shaft."          ---Rob Liefeld

Sounds kinda cool!

Ya know, I wish Liefeld had stayed & continued in his Extreme Universe from Younblood #1 and on... The EXU us just so... so very him! Think of the bulk of work we'd have now had he remained working on 'Youngblood'... and expanded the book to fold in the other EXU characters within; 'Brigade', 'Bloodstrike', 'Supreme', 'Prophet', etc... and more. Maybe rotating writers like Robert Kirkman, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Joe Casey (who are other friends of Rob?... sigh, Loeb I buess - but he'd have to be on his A-Game, his Batman-Long-Halloween-Game). There's something fun about that idea. Regarding this 'Assembled' project... release it as a huge omnibus-sized graphic novel, Rob.


Valhallahan said...

Didn't realise Apollo and Midnighter were in the Extreme universe.

Jim said...

Everybody is in the Extreme Universe, in one way or another ;)