Friday, September 09, 2011


I love that the toymakers have dubbed this figure the "Tech Noir" Terminator.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've probably mentioned this before, but I do find it amusing that in the original film the Terminator with the clothes he's stolen from the street punk and with his hairstyle he arrives with could almost pass for just a regular guy,albeit a very well built guy, and it's not until the point where he get's his hair singed and it goes spiky and he has his eye damaged and has to wear shades to conceal the damage so he can move around without attracting undue attention, that we see the look that most people know the Terminator for. Yet in T2 and T3 he arrives with spikier hair, chooses black leather and wears shades even though he has no damaged eye. If all those Terminators came from the same production line then they should all have that regular haircut !!

Jim said...

Preach on, Brother Andrew! Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

-That's what we call "HOLLYWOOD!!!"

-yes, preach on.....I've been sayin that for years. It's like at the end of the assembly line, there's sunglass dispenser, a barber, and a public service announcement " be sure to protect your eyes and skin from the sun....."

-But seriously, what do you expect from 'marketing geniuses....'

woobot said...

I like this post, technoir!

Dylan said...

Even though the film is shit, Salvation did give cg Arnie the right look when he attacks Bale.

Phil Freeman said...

Yeah, I was thinking about this the other day. Why would SkyNet build a ton of Arnold models in the first place? The purpose of a Terminator was to blend into common society, pass as human and not stick out. If the Resistance had already seen one Arnold, they would obviously been on the look out for more. The Cylons in the modern Battlestar get this same concept right, even to the point that the audience was left guessing who's a toaster and who's human.

☆JAGANAR☆ said...

hey Jimmy,
i never saw you give an actual review of THULSA DOOM the comic.could you please do it for us

he also went up against Red sonja .

yeah this is Arny related so i hope to hear back from you soon =3

btw , im stealing the Tech Nior Logo