Thursday, September 08, 2011


Check out this German CONAN poster I stumbled upon! I've never seen it before but I dig it - its a combination of the main release poster and the classic FRANK FRAZETTA painting of Conan:

Here's an image I made for my dear friends JASON & SHAWNA 5 years ago when they were expecting their first born.
Sadly, they did not go with "CHARNOCK" as originally intended.


Timewaster said...

That German poster is great but it doesn't look a thing like Jason Momoa.

Anonymous said... it doesn't at all does it :)

- and speaking of the 'new' Conan, I've noticed I haven't seen many ( if any) commercials promoting it after it opened...jeeee I wonder why? ( maybe bc it's so good they don't need to advertise?,

Locusta said...

Oh man. Great find Jim. You know what. I owned that poster once. My dad did bodybuilding back in the 80´s and in one of these muscle-blow-ups magazines was that poster included.

You will hate me, when I tell you, that I have now clue where the poster went in time (well, almost 30 years ago...) :(