Thursday, September 15, 2011


(by a panel of 3 Judges)

Winning Caption:
I was all like "Bam!"
and I was all like "What!?"


Your prize is.... THE MIGHTY THOR #337!
(First appearence of Beta Ray Bill!)(Send me your mailing address and I'll get it to you asap!)

Thank you all for playing!

"Sue Storm DP"
--by Just The Tip

"This post has been removed by the author"
--by Armand


Mikeyboy said...

Congrats...that is a funny caption

Anonymous said...


Jim said...

*sore loser*

Anonymous said...

nope, dweeb, just not tacky and w/ an actual sense of humor, instead of some dumbass "Big Bang Theory" gayness. i'm honestly just saying that there were others (how did you ever choose, out of the THOUSANDS of... HUNDREDS of... *ahem* ALMOST TENS of choices!?!? LOL) that were better, but hey, at least you didn't pick a fart one!

or was giving it to a girl your attempt at romance? hmmmmm...

Jim said...

Hey, you were the rude one that chimed in on a congratulations post.

I didn't choose... as I've posted twice... I was not apart of the judging.

Can't please everyone.

Jenny said...

Cool, thanks Jim and judges! You should have more contests like this!

(I emailed you my address)

Mikeyboy said...

This is supposed to be fun...Jim could easily have deleted whatever you posted. But for the sake of solidarity and's all good right?
Enjoy the comic book JEN , If you like it go out and get the THOR's some of the best comic art and stories ever published in comic publishing history

Christopher22 said...

Everyone's a tuff guy when they post as anouymous.

M said...

hey Anonymous...stop being a jack ass,...jezzusss.
- Congratulations Jenny! don't let Anonymous' Kanya West moment spoil it for you :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jenny! That's a killer prize!

Just the Tip said...

Got the full shaft