Monday, November 23, 2009


I've been enjoying the recent CABLE series and watching HOPE growup - faster than I expected. It's been an interesting ride, although I do wonder how many times Bishop can have Hope in his crosshairs and fail to complete his mission (once again)- he truly is inept. In the upcoming Cable #21, it looks like we've jumped forward several years and Hope is now a teenager/young woman and ready to return to her Timeline (ours).

Cable #20 begins the "Homecoming" storling which is the prelude to X-MEN: SECOND COMING, the 3rd-and-final act of the "Messiah Trilogy". I hope it ends with her finally taking out Bishop, the man who's been hunting her since birth, once and for all.

They've been hinting that she's the reincarnation of JEAN GREY (but not Jean herself). My fears are she will return to our Timeline and hookup with with Logan. Hopefully she'll have no connection to Jean whatsoever, besides the red hair & green eyes.

Who is Hope, you ask?
Here's a "quick" rundown:
A few years ago, most Mutants lost their powers with only approx 198 mutants left. No new mutants were being born- the Mutant X-Gene was no more. Then a single mutant baby was born, her town decimated with no survivors. A race and battle ensued to find the baby, the last hope for Mutantkind. In the end, Cable rescued the baby (who they named "Hope") and Cyclops told Cable to jump into the Future with her to protect her. But a Betrayer stepped out of the shadows: BISHOP! Bishop believes with all his heart the baby is the same baby from his dark timeline that kills a million mutants in 6 minutes, igniting the mutant holocaust of his youth. He aims to stop that future from existing by killing Hope. So now Cable/Hope are leaping forward through time being hunted by Bishop (*they are unable to travel backwards in time due to malfunctioned time travel gadget). Bishop is so intent on stopping that future, he's willing to destroy the current one to flush out Cable & Hope; nuking continents, etc. And so, Hope grows from infant to teen in various holocaust futures, time leaping constantly, and being trained to survive and fight by Cable.

Reading List:
X-Men: Messiah Complex
Cable Vol 1: Messiah War
Cable Vol 2: Waiting for the End of the World
X-Force/Cable: Messiah War
Cable Vol 3: Stranded

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Jon said...

dude, that synopsis sounds awesome. Wish I could trust the general storytelling was as good. May pick it up once the Messiah Trilogy is complete.

Thanks for the recap for those of us who had to take a break from our addictions lol.