Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Based on the website, David Hines is producing a new comic mini-series called "FEDERAL VAMPIRE & ZOMBIE AGENCY". Here's what it's about.... preview pages at bottom.
"The setting is an alternative world history where vampires and zombies were part of everyday life in America throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The vampire and zombie viruses entered America along with the influx of immigrants from Europe and spread like wildfire. Early outbreaks were dealt with by local militias or bounty hunters but as the diseases spread and the numbers of infected reached the hundreds of thousands, the government set up a dedicated agency of trained operatives. The agency was divided into scientific research facilities and search and destroy units. Throughout history, from the Civil War to World War II, the FVZA protected humanity from the blood-sucking, flesh-eating hordes - until vaccines were eventually developed against the diseases and by the nineteen-seventies, both vampires and zombies were officially eradicated, so the Agency was shut down. Our story takes up when a major outbreak of the zombie virus signals the return of the Undead. The US government is forced to revive the FVZA and Agent Landra Pecos must call upon her lethal skills to eradicate the threat. But as Landra delves deeper into her investigation of the undead menace, she uncovers shocking secrets that will change her life forever."
Click HERE (or here) for a preview of issue 1.... which is $4.99 (yikes). I may have to wait for the hardcover. But it sounds and looks cool! I love that John Bolton cover (left).

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