Monday, November 02, 2009


This is from the Dark Horse "Future Star Wars" comic "STAR WARS LEGACY" (that I don't read). Her name is "DARTH TALON" because talons are sharp, scary and evil. It was inevitable for there to be a sexy Twi'lek Sith with "Darth Maul" tattoos. I'm a bit surprised they didn't go for it and make her a Mandalorian, as well. I bitched about this before, back when (here). Anyway, you can buy this statue at Sideshow HERE for $280.

Here's some comic & fan art for you:


allen etter said...

I can't take any more of this. When I watch the original Star Wars, it baffles me that it has come to this!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Piss poor !!!

Unknown said...

That statue is so stupid, but I still think she's cool.