Thursday, November 19, 2009


I woke up this morning to find the following email from JimSmash Reader "Mr. G":
Hey, Jim! Man, once you think Marvel has run out of story ideas... BAM...they hit you with a world shattering event. I guess the poor treatment, writing and over all ignorance from the editors of Ole Webhead and his books for the past decade or so has finally pushed Marvel to go in a completely unexpected direction. Did you know, to my surprise, That Hercules just Killed Spider-Man? I couldn't believe it either.

I was flipping through pages of the new "Assault on Olympus"...and Spidey is there being a nuisance to the Lion of Olympus, and WHAM...a vicious uppercut from Herc. I was blown away. what a way to go out. I mean here is the son of a God, the strongest mortal to walk the Earth, considered to be the greatest fighter, and fiercest warrior of all Olympus, a being that has been observed drop kicking a bulldozer, someone who can lift (press) 100 tons (do you have ANY idea how friggin strong that is??), landing a clear shot to the jaw on a guy who's tendons are twice as elastic as a normal man, and can lift 10 tons ( which is a LOT...but no comparison).

I love Spidey, He's my boy. I grew up on him. I've seen him get his arm dislocated catching himself falling from a building, recovering from bruises, and cracked ribs from duking it out with villains on par with Puma, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, and Doc Ock. BUT HERCULES???? Man what was he thinking? Didn't he learn anything from when he 'fought' the Juggernaut. Guys like those are WAYYYyyy out of his league. He's not invulnerable or anything. I mean, it's not like he could take a pounding thru a brick wall and walk away from it or anything like that. He's just tougher than the average man. That's what his spider sense and his crazy agility and speed are for, to AVOID being hit. Man...this really kind of bummed me out to see him go out like that.

.........ohhh, what? He lived?... He did what? He got punched thru a brick wall by Hercules and walked away from it?.... Seriously? you're kidding right?... seriously?... well I guess I was wrong.

Marvel writers and editors still have no clue as to what they are doing.


Timewaster said...

Come on - Hercules could've pulled his punch a bit knowing a full-on chin shot would've killed him. Superman's punches Batman in the face all the time and Batman never died.

johnny said...

I agree. Superman punches everyone every single day and does not kill them. Also, its a MARVEL COMIC BOOK: Spider-Man does (and has) been thrown through walls before and survived. Crazy shit happens all the time in the Marvel Universe.

Mr. G said...

my point being,
-if you think THAT was pulled punch,.Ok what ever,..( when a character normally pulled their punches, it was easily seen thru body language) second, YES spidey has been knocked thru walls, which is ridiculous. He's not " super tough". Like I said, he's had broken ribs and dislocated bones from having a brick wall fall on him, or after being in a fight with a lower level villain. But now he just walks away unscathed. This is a result of poor writers,editors and such not knowing dick about cock. ( like when he "beat" firelord,..Really, think that would happen??) But over the past few years they have been amping up characters beyond their normal power range, bc " he's a super-hero,..he can do it",..and "it was in the movie??", now,..yea! Spidey is near invulnerable, and is some how in the same league as Hercules when fighting him..
- See,.there USED to be a time when Marvel 's heroes were not on the same level. It's what made Marvel unique. Spidey, DD and the likes would handle the minor threats/thugs/criminals,..need to save the city, well that's a job for Thor/Iron Man ( individuals of a certain power set), ect.., need to save the planet?, well that's a job for the Avengers,..need to save the Universe,..well that's a job for The Fantastic Four.
- everyone had their place. People like Spidey were out of their league with the heavy weights so it was ridiculous for them to even try. it's what seperated them from DC ( point 3)
- But today's Marvel is so dumbed down and convoluted, that Spidey CAN take a punch from Herc. No one takes into account of the ACTUAL CHARACTER and his ABILITIES anymore. it's "he's strong",..and He's tough", or "he's REAL fast) with no guidlines or limits, it all depends on who they are fighting, and where. it's no more than a glorified card game now. ( 9 power,..6 strength, ect..)
I find it Ironic that today's audience and writers like to think that the current MU is " realistic" and "explainable" but then turn around and show know general of the discrepancy of two characters like this fighting , or any real world knowledge at all.
It's like having YOU actually compete in a race against a track star, or a professional athlete and hold your own. It just aint happening. Spidey is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYy out of his league, and a punch like that from Herc would TAKE HIS HEAD OFF.
It's crap like this is why APPARENTLY just any ole body can get a sample of the Hulks Blood ( or even more ridiculous have it splatter on them) and WHAM,..Gamma radiated super character. don't take into the account of blood types, radioactivity, genetics, or the reason Banner is the Hulk is bc it was a ONE in a million chance of survival. ect,..Nah,..blood is blood, and if you get some of the Hulks you can be a super hero too.
- This just illustrates how non-intelligent writers and editors are today.
-That's all

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stopped buying comics in 1991.

Red Jimsmash said...

I'm so glad I stopped reading Mr. G's comments in 1991

Mr. G said...

I'm so glad you ripped off a lame character to mimic JIM in 1991....


Bubbashelby said...

I started reading Mr. G's comment in 1991...


...and I'm still reading it.

dr lazarus said...

I love when Jim shares his reader mail