Monday, December 01, 2008


*click image to enlarge!!*
Holy crap, that's awesome!
Why wasn't THIS in the prequels?


Anonymous said...

Jim, my good man - many a Star Wars fan will be asking themselves for years to come "Holy crap, why wasn't [something awesome] in the prequels!?!"

It's time we as a society learn from the past and move on.

And by that, I mean we start a petition to REMAKE the Star Wars prequels! But this time, we make them GOOD!

No Jar Jar Binks! No midichlorians! Jango Fett doesn't get offed like a loser! A couple more Hayden Christiansen shirtless scenes! It'll have it all!

Who's with me?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It'd need a hell of a lot more work than that. No Jango Fett, No multiple Sith Lords, No Anakin as a kid or whiny teenager, No Natalie Portman being the worlds shittest actress, hire some good concept artists like the original Trilogy, not just a huge art team who has no set style etc... etc...