Thursday, May 12, 2016


My talented, super cool friend JAMES ZARK has the opportunity to have his artwork grace the cover of HEAVY METAL Magazine! Holy shit, dream come true time!! But he needs votes!!

So go THIS LINK and vote (you may need to sign up/in):

And please share this! Tell everyone! Let's get James on the cover! YEA!!!!!!

Zark writes of the piece:

"Anyone who has a couple of bucks in their pocket can pick up a copy of Heavy Metal and be amazed and inspired by the incredible art and storytelling in the magazine. For someone growing up without wealth, that can mean an awful lot.

My design is based on the elements of Heavy Metal that've always stayed with me. Beautiful, buxom warrior women on the cover. Cartoonish monsters. Weird meetings between the two. So how could I not draw the babe having slain the serpent?

Special thanks to Carey Lynne for modeling, Kevin Eastman for inspiring me to draw comics, Grant Morrison for teaching me to make it magical and Heavy Metal for fucking ruling."

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