Friday, May 20, 2016


I was super excited yesterday when my LOOT CRATE: ALIENS 30th ANNIVERSARY arrived! Due to scheduling, I would have to wait to open it later that night.

Before I was able to open it, I saw pics of the contents online:

* (below pics via The Hive)

^ A "clever" folder, designed and executed with limited effort

^Inside: A quick photo of the disappointment you'll soon pull out of the crate.

^ Neca Alien Eggs in Carton! Just like the ones you already bought, but with only 4 eggs instead of 6.
Oh wait, these glow-in-the-dark.  *twirls finger*

^ small Japanese metal ALIENS sign. Kinda cool in a free promo kind of way.

^ A Hardcover I already own, when I bought the original HC back in 1987.
(If you had purchased this anniversary edition back in April, you now have two)

^ A crappy t-shirt. Seriously? This?

^ the crate refolds out into an APC box. 
Nifty and clever, I suppose. But it doesn't make up for the crap inside nor the $55 price tag.

....and finally....

^ A vinyl figure from a different movie.

That's right. In the 30th Anniversary box for the 1986 movie 'ALIENS', they included a figure from the 1979 movie 'Alien'. 

"Hey kids! To celebrate the anniversary of 'Star Wars: A New Hope', here's a glow-in-the-dark Gamorrean Guard figure! Star Wars!"


Why am I not surprised? 
Their ad to order the crate used an alien from 'Alien: Resurrection/AVP':

I am so thankful I saw pics of the contents before I opened mine. I will be selling this box of disappointment asap, in hopes of recovering my $55 I shelled out for this crap.

The first and last Loot Crate I buy.

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Anonymous said...

First and last crate I ever buy too! If an Aliens fan oversaw this crate they should be ashamed. The wrong alien, as you say. A contents card touted as a item, really?! And additionally, what would have been a cute feature of the box folding into the APC is spoiled by the fact that they printed it the wrong way around. As in, the turret should be on the left, and the window on the right. Fail.
I went for this almost entirely on the promised NECA item, and that was the only thing that delivered. Although, I'm pretty sure those glow in the dark eggs won't remain exclusive for very long.