Friday, November 20, 2015


This is a print which goes on sale tonight at Gallery 1988's "Crazy4Cult 9" Show. It has nice tracing and paint work of great moments from my favorite movie 'ALIENS'.

However, the Alien WARRIORS are not traced from 'ALIENS' but are instead taken from 'AVP-R', which confuses me as to Why??

Each ALIEN (and AVP) movie has a slightly different designed Alien. So its often easy to determine which is which. Below are some pics of the 'AVP-R' alien and comparisons to the alien seen in 'ALIENS', which is what the above art print is showcasing.

The alien warrior in 'AVP-R' has a more thicker, "armored" head sculpt than the the 'ALIENS' warrior, which has a slight layered pattern from the cross bones running down the sides of the head. 

The 'ALIENS' warrior also has a thin ribbed tube running out from the "temple dimple", which wraps up and down the top of the head. The 'AVP-R' warrior does not. 

The 'AVP-R' warrior also has bulkier teeth.

Yes this post is bonkers, but the use of wrong aliens in Alien art is a pet peeve of mine.

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