Monday, November 23, 2015


via bloody-disgusting:

Designed by Dave Delisle who explains, “The wooden coffee table features a glass fixture and wheels, of course. The carpet would ideally be as big as possible to help sell the illusion of an oversize game board. The one thing about the Ouija Board is that it’s a very nice design, and looks at home on the floor.

Update: We reached out to Tom Spina designs and got the following information:
The cost for a rug and table set is estimated to be around $2,000, which actually isn’t that bad for a set like that. I was honestly expecting more around the $3-$4,000 mark. Additionally, we’re told that the product will very much look like a “spirit board” but will not use the Milton Bradley graphics. Instead it will be something similar in nature and capturing the style of the ouija board.


JIM: Very cool. However, disappointing that the rug graphic would NOT be the one seen in the Milton Bradley game. I understand why, but still a bummer and a deal breaker for me.

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