Monday, November 23, 2015


For years I hate the Funko Pop vinyls. YEARS.

Then they started making ones I liked and boom,
I'm hooked and the collection has started.

Now they've started making G.I. JOE Pops.  Curse you, Funko!!!

I'm a sucker for most things Classic 80s G.I.Joe.
I hope (wallet doesn't hope) they make:

Destro,  Destro v2 (gold head), Baroness, Firefly, Crimson Guard, Cobra Viper, Cobra Officer, Cobra Soldier, Cobra Stinger Driver, Cobra Eel, Major Bludd, H.I.S.S. Driver, Copperhead, Zartan, Torch, Buzzer, Ripper,  Cobra Snow Serpent, Beach Head, Big Boa, Croc Master, Battle Armor Cobra Commander ('87), Iron Grenadier, and Tomax & Xamot.... and The Fridge.

There, Funko. I just gave you your next several waves. 
(Give me a discount?)


They've also already made these, but I'm not interested in them:


and Black Suit Storm Shadow:
...which seems weird.
It's like having Superman in a Green Costume.


Timewaster said...

Gotta love the Voltron Pop that's coming out too.

Darlok said...

When I was a child... in the 80's.. some years ago, hehe, I used to have a Plastirama (argentinian manufacturer of Gi Joe toys) Storm Shadow in Black costume, in white, and also in red ... His name was "Cobra Black " AKA NINJA-KU an "Red Cobra" AKA SATAN. I didn't know it was so rare.. I would take better care of him.. I still have part of him merged with other characters