Tuesday, October 27, 2015


My very talented friend JAMES ZARK has embarked on a gorgeous project called OCCULT GENERATION, which he provides the artwork for.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product, because the concept sounds cool and James is a great storyteller and artist! He has a really nice style, using his own photo reference photography; blocking out the sequential storytelling first with comic thumbnail sketches, then photography models to fit his drawings, compositing them onto backgrounds and then adding his slick style. James is one of those talents who can successfully transcend photo reference, creating something new and beautiful that successfully stands on it's own.

Below is some more information, including a link to their Kickstarter page!


In a nutshell, Occult Generation is a hardboiled sci-fi supernatural graphic novel set in 1920s New York. It's about a private detective who investigates the murder of a notorious drag performer and in the process, uncovers a secret war between remnants of the confederacy equipped with strange technology and a secret society in Harlem that fights for justice through magic.
The story pulls from memorable elements of the 1920s era while holding a magnifying glass up to people of color, mystics, immigrants, queer life, gender roles, body awareness, political corruption and the dawn of equity feminism. The readers of the graphic novel are going to see blood, violence, sexuality and other Rated-R material, yet it all has a purpose to tell the story. In all of this, we fully get to examine the spectrum of humanity from a unique historical context without having to hold back with our audience.


"Wait, is this the same James Zark 
who did those cool X-Pistols awhile back?"

Yes. Yes it is!

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