Friday, October 30, 2015


Last night we went to the Theatre at Ace Hotel to watch the classic 1931 'DRACULA' with a live performance by PHILLIP GLASS and the KRONOS QUARTET! 

Trivia: The original 1931 movie did not have a score, but in 1998 Glass was hired to write an original score for the dvd release. Of the project, Glass said:
The film is considered a classic. I felt the score needed to evoke the feeling of the world of the 19th century — for that reason I decided a string quartet would be the most evocative and effective. I wanted to stay away from the obvious effects associated with horror films. With [the Kronos Quartet] we were able to add depth to the emotional layers of the film.

The gorgeous recently renovated 1920's Spanish Gothic theater really set the tone. 
Here are some pics of the lobby, from above on our way to the balcony:

When we entered the theater, everything was bathed in blue except for the blood red curtain:

Behind the movie screen sat Phillip Glass and the Kronos Quartet:

As the movie was projected onto the screen, you could still see the musicians! At times it was slightly distracting and confusing to the film's visuals, but overall it added an incredible layer to the experience. I was anticipating a few songs being played at the appropriate times coinciding with the film, but that was not the case - the quartet played the entire time in a marathon of beautiful music. 

Whenever Dracula was in his catacombs where he kept his coffin, the lights around the movie screen would turn red, bathing the entire room and audience (as seen above in the photo with the musicans). Awesome!!!!

Bella Legosi and Phillip Glass! 

Here are some pics of the theater's interior.

Phillip Glass and the Kronos Quartet take a bow to a standing ovation to a sold out show!

As we exited out seats, the theater was dark with pools of regular white light off to the sides and at your feet. But the center ceiling piece, which was blue when we arrived, glowed blood red:

It was an absolutely amazing experience!!

a few more pics of the theater, from the web:

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