Thursday, June 25, 2015


My 'Secret Wars > Action Figure Variant Cover' mission is finally complete. Yes, there are others, but these are the only covers I was interested in - BEHOLD MY RESTRAINT!!!

Initially, I wasn't going to buy any. But then I saw the Black Costume Spider-Man cover and couldn't resist. But that was going to be the ONLY one. The next week I saw the Brown/Orange Costume Wolverine (my favorite) and suddenly I'm walking out of the store with it in my hand, hating my weakness. But NO MORE after that, Jim! Sigh, the regret of the Wolverine purchase kicked in soon after and I contemplated selling it... OH LOOK - Black Panther! That's cool because they never made a Black Panther figure. Buy. Well, once you have three of something, its officially a collection. And collections need to be fed. And so the insanity took over, including me begging a friend to grab copies at his store when mine sold out (Thanks again for the Miles Morales and Mr Fantastic covers, Timewaster!) and sending my Family to the store a few times when I wasn't able. From there it became simply seeing it through to the end, with Cyclops being my final addition to this collection. Insanity is exhausting.

Look, no one is more disappointed in me than Mrs Smash.


Timewaster said...

You can't be "done'! The next Secret Wars issue has a Captain America action figure variant.

Jim said...

Yeahhhh.... not really impressed with the art on that one. Plus, for the most part, I was going after those covers that sported a character that wasn't in the original toyline. Don't be an enabler, man!

Timewaster said...

Then what about the female Thor? Or the Deadpool one? And Doc Ock had his own toy in the original line - as did black suit spidey! And...and...

Oh, who'm I kidding? You'll be back, Jim. YOU'LL BE BAAAAAAACCCKKKK!!!!!!

Jim said...

There's no single rule here when deciding which covers to buy.....

Black Costume Spider-Man = because I loved that figure.

Brown/Orange Costume Wolverine = my favorite Wolverine.

Doc Ock = because I love super buff Secret Wars Octavius!

Deadpool = poor judgment on my part. I offer no reasonable explanation.

Female Thor = meh. Not a big fan of the character... atleast not enough to throw down $5

Reg Spidey, Captain America and Star Lord = not interested.