Monday, June 01, 2015


Well, your friendly neighborhood Jim 
will be turning the BIG 4-0 in just 9 days!

So here's my birthday list!!!

Bandai's Samurai Vader and Stormtroopers
I'd want 2 of the Stormtroopers
@$85 each

RAH Superman Red Son

Play Arts KAI Variant Stormtrooper

Neca's ALIEN series 
Wave 3 and 4
@$20 each
 Neca's Alien Queen figure

Reaction Star Trek figures 
Wave 1 and 2
@$10 each
* Need two sets, eventually ;)

Reaction Pinhead, SDCC Sloth and Mr Miyagi
@$10 each

These Star Wars: Rebels figures
@$9-18 each (some are 2-packs)

Funko PopEarth 2 Batman, Red Son Superman 
Walgreens Exclusive Black Spider-Man
@10-20 each

More copies of the ALIENS Novelization
$4 on amazon
via gift card to:


Darlok said...

You're getting old and asking fot toomuch.. yes.... it's monday and I get cranky these days, knowing i got to work the rest of the week... ufff catharsis.. happy unbirthday!

Jim said...

Ha, well I don't expect to get any of these. I'm not asking for anything this year, except to sleep in for once :) But I thought it would be fun to post all the crap I want.

Darlok said...

Good Luck then, I hope you get at least one of those things, or a good sleep... seeya

D. said...

Scratch all the ReAction. You'll just be unhappy about 5 seconds after you get it

Jim said...

I want the ReAction Star Trek figures so I can put them in my ReAction ALIEN Egg Chamber Playset.

ReAction Pinhead, because its Pinhead and there aren't many Pinhead figures, especially ones that are silly.

ReAction Sloth, because a Superman Wearing Sloth might looks sweet in that Alien playset.

ReAction Mr Miyagi, because Mr Miyagi.

I know the ReAction figures are crap, and look super cheap, but there are a few that I want because reasons. It's my birthday and I can ask for shitty figures if I want to.

You can NOT ask for ReAction figures on YOUR birthday, good sir!!!!!!! :P

Eric Stettmeier said...

Happy almost 40th! I hope you get something cool! (and if you don't, go buy it for yourself, you deserve it!)