Saturday, June 27, 2015


[ pic not of Amy's actual collection ]

Do you remember the post I did last June about our fellow comic fan, AMY K, and how her estranged ex maliciously sold Amy's entire comic collection? (orig post HERE)

Over 8,000 comics, collected from Childhood, gone. Amy emotionally recalled how many had sentimental value... her father taking her into town to buy new comics... searching for that 1 missing issue and the thrill of finding it... It's just heartbreaking. And infuriating!!! But unfortunately, what's done is done.

However, being a Comic Fan means you are part of a larger community (whether you know it or not). And we fellow comic fans are helping her rebuild that collection!

Last year when I initially heard of Amy's story, I reached out to her and asked if she could provide a list of what she could recall was lost. Thankfully she did, and I posted it here on JimSmash. Several of you wonderful people rose to the occasion and mailed her boxes of comics, beginning the process of replenishing her collection! You are amazing, and I give you a thousand 'thank yous' from myself and from Amy - it truly meant a lot!!!

I recently touched base with Amy and was able to get an updated list from her. For those who would like to contribute helping Amy, I've posted that updated want list HERE.

And where to send them?  Please email me and we'll go from there (

Thank you all!


* "HELP AMY K" (2014)

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