Tuesday, June 16, 2015


via Serious Fun:

We were reminded of this when we encountered an Alien gambling machine on one side of the factory. Ben tested it out in the name of brand research before we all chatted about what we can expect to see from the Alien pinball machine and when we can expect to see it. 

Andrew confirmed that the designs were still being finalised but he is aiming to have a prototype made in time to be demoed at the UK Pinball Party. I think it will be a real achievement if he can manage to do this as the scope of Andrew’s imagination for the Alien pinball machine was huge. He’s obviously a big fan of the license which is bound to encourage some great features in the final pinball game. The kinds of ideas he is looking into include yellow flashing beacons, a smoke machine and a Xenomorph which projects the mouth within his mouth to pick up the ball (with the aid of a magnet). 

These all sound like great ideas to me and I can’t wait to see the prototype. Of course this game’s playfield will be interchangeable with the Full Throttle playfield, including the interchangeable graphics I mentioned previously. If you are thinking about purchasing the Full Throttle machine, additional Heighway Pinball playfields are predicted to cost about 60% of the full price of a full machine, but exact prices won’t be confirmed until the Alien pinball design has been finalised.

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