Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Pa Kent voiceover (I prefer this over the Jor-El one):

Jor-El voiceover:

and one of the fanmade recuts floating around, that uses John Williams' score and Brando voiceover (goosebumps!!):


Christopher22 said...

Superman is still on of my fave superheroes but I was deeply dissapointed with the new trailer. The trailer looks more like "Superman Begins" then "Man of Steel".
I did see the Comic-Con trailer and dug that one though. Oh, and I LOVE the John Williams recut.

Jim said...

Superman is one of my all-time favorites, too! I have mixed feelings about it. The comic-con trailer gave me some hope... but i don't trust snyder to be able to put out a good movie, let alone a good Superman one. Optimistically crossing my fingers on this one.

*(I hated Superman Returns and pretend it never happened)

Christopher22 said...

Superman Returns was meh, I didn't hate it but I sure as hell didn't dig it.
As far as Snyder...I think his movies are weak. Sucker Punch was easily one of the worest movies i've seen in a long time. BUT, I really dug his Dawn of the Dead take. I don't know I guess I'm just worried Man of Steel WILL be a "Superman Begins" flick. It worked for Batman but I don't think it would work for Supes.

Tim said...

I agree about the 'Dawn' remake and I also loved Snyder's 'Legend of the Guardians', a little seen CGI movie.
'300' had it's moments but I think was a tad overhyped.