Tuesday, July 10, 2012


by Mark Englert


Jim said...

Ah, so this print will be available at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. More info:

Mark Englert
“You Are My Lucky Star”
12 x 36 inches
signed & numbered screenprint, edition TBD (less than 150)
starting Friday at 1 PM, Booth #405

Marking the 1st exclusive print between G1988 and Mark Englert, with many more to come, SDCC will serve as the introduction. Join us Friday afternoon, as Mark signs and numbers these prints at our booth (#405), in person, at 1 PM, as they become available for the first time ever. Mark will also be bringing some goodiess from his recent releases that will be available in small numbers. Whatever prints are left after Mark’s signing will be available for the rest of the weekend at booth.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I wonder what the Alien is doing now, he must be very bored, like having to watch Indy 4 again and again !!

Jim said...

When did they make a 4th Indy movie?

Next you'll be saying they made Star Wars Prequels.

You funny.

Chris said...

Ah, but Jim, what about that Alien prequel? Review, please!

Jim said...

I know I know... work took over and has been taking up all my time. I've barely had time to post lame pics on the blog. :(

Plus I didn't like the movie enough to review it... where do I start???

But I'm slowly working on it...

Chris said...

Yes, it was rubbish. And maybe too much time has been spent on it already on the internet!

Keep up the good work!

Jeyl said...

" where do I start???"

From the beginning. What you took from away from ALIEN, and what Prometheus said it actually was. For me, it was the space jockey. Being a little kid in my single digits, I remember how awesome and terrifying that dead Space Jockey was to me. If this is what it looked like dead, imagine what it looked like alive.... Than Prometheus reared it's ugly head and said "You know all that imagination you put into trying to figure out what a Space Jockey would look like if it were alive? Psych! It's a suit! It turns out a very hairless gray colored human wears that suit."

..... but....the Space Jockey from Alien...it was so artistically done. How is it they spend so much time in the original movie trying to hide the fact that it was just some guy in a suit, to making a movie where the most ALIEN thing in the whole franchise is literally just a guy in a suit?????

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I heard such bad reports off 3 mates who love Alien and Aliens who hated Prometheus that I decided simply not to see it. A mate of mine years ago after he seen The Phantom Menace decided not to bother with Ep's 2 and 3, I wish I'd taken a leaf out of his book and done the same !! One mate said of Prometheus, that I should just look at the concept art and imagine what the movie could have been !!