Thursday, October 20, 2011


God I hate the Star Wars Prequels. But I DO love COMMANDER BACARA from 'Revenge of the Sith'. He had maybe 2 seconds screentime and no dialogue, but his design is killer sweet. And Sideshow has FINALLY given into my years of letter writing and have made a kickass 12" doll - FIGURE! I meant FIGURE!

You can preorder it HERE... which I will be doing soon.

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Locusta said...

yep, it´s really funny how they fused Vader´s, an original Stormtrooper´s and Boba Fett´s helmet into something new.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the prequels sure did suck.

...other than the mass amounts of awesome all throughout them.


Jim said...

There are moments. But overall, as a movie & trilogy as a whole, they were sloppy messes that contradicted the original trilogy.

But to each their own.

Malhavok said...

The Prequels blew goat balls, could take all three movies and mash them up into perhaps 30-45 min of ok, to cool scenes...( not story,..not acting,..'scenes', ala a music video...)

- What I like about BACARA, is how later on he finds a young, punk, whiny, ridiculous, unredeemable, sad, pathetic, abomination of miss use of a character, Bobba Fett, kills him and dawns the Iconic armor and steals Fett's Name, to whom we later see in Empire.....


Locusta said...

Yeah, and still it´s so bitter how easily and lame the troopers killed all the Jedis. LOL

Malhavok said...

agreed,..the Jedi went out like chumps. And,... it's just disappointing, bc in STAR WARS, Obi-Wan references the fact that Vader Helped Hunt down and Kill the Jedi, I was expecting, neh,... WANTING to actually SEE him do that,..but as it turns out, he didn't kill any...(padowan's do not count..)

- another example of how the Pre-quels were poorly thought out, and horribly done, dropping the ball left and right.....