Friday, February 04, 2011


Hey, so JIMSMASH is on Facebook now. I signed up to participate in Toy Boat Show's giveaway. I'm not sure what I'll be doing on Facebook... currently I have no plans to post stuff, as I'm already strapped for time keeping this silly blog up and running. I dunno, perhaps quick quips of Comics & Movies?... nothing too fantastical.

But, if you're interested, go ahead and 'friend me' or whatever.

I'm also open to ideas & input as to what you'd want from me through Facebook. Gimmie your thoughts!


3de said...

Hey, it's not THAT bad, maybe you could get the JimSmash word to more people. It could be easier to share new posts in the blog with people that do not know about it.

Jim said...

It really comes down to TIME for me, as in I don't have enough free time to handle the Blog and Facebook... Doing 2 versions of each post is simply too much for my schedule.

Unless there's a way to link the two somehow so that, say, FB automatically reads in my blog posts title, etc and auto posts it. Something like that.

Or I hire an intern who does it for me! haha

I also don't want to "flood" everyone's FB with all my crap as I'm sure that would be come very annoying.

I'm open to ideas.

3de said...

The intern idea doesn't sound too crazy, although you could import your blog entries with this:

I strongly doubt that anyone that "friends" you on FB would believe you post crap... I mean that's why we read the blog right? Maybe just a short description for a random post or for some great pic you find.
Any way you choose, keep on Smashing!

3de said...
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FP said...

Who cares about Facebook ...

What about Twitter, Jim? :(
I'd love to have you there.

BTW, Facebook and Twitter posts can be automatically generated via your RSS feed, e. g. by a site called Twitterfeed. AFAIK, Facebook also offers an internal app for auto posting.
(Personal Tweets once in a while would be extra cool. :D)