Friday, January 28, 2011


JimSmash Readers KIM & ISAAC are a dynamic Father-&-Son TOY-ADDICTED Duo, who run a sweet blog called "FULLY JOINTED PLAY FIGURES". There you can see pics of their Toy Hunting Exploits and become super jealous!

Kim states on the main page:
"My son and I are addicted. We spend most of our time either hunting, buying or playing with them. In our continuous effort to spread our love for what others sometimes cheaply call toys, here's our blog where we will post almost anything and everything related to these Fully Jointed Play Figures. Hope you'll have just as much fun as the both of us! Enjoy."
Click HERE!

Here are but a few super-sweet pics I found on Fully Jointed Play Figures:

Unreleased "TOWER OF DARKNESS" Playset!!!!!


3de said...

I wonder... if Obi Wan is the "father" of the force... who's the mother?

Kim Dubuisson said...

This is awesome!!!
Thank you so much Jim!!

Isaac and I love your site and read it everyday!
Keep it up!