Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Sconey said...

compare new Panthro to Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop and observe the striking similarity to one of the most popular anime series in america!

Phil Freeman said...

Finally! I've been wanting a Thundercats reboot-done-right for awhile now. Let's hope it's like the 2000 reboot of He-Man and not animefied trash.

Anonymous said...

look devel= FAIL.

way to take something that 'looked kick ass" and neuter it ( no pun intended )

Panthro looks like a meek fat dude,....Cheetara, looks like a whiny little school girl,...great work guys. great work guys..... Mumm-Ra is probably going to look like Yoda.

Jaga said...

You guys do realize that the original Thundercats cartoon, while fun in concept, was fucking horrible with bad animation and storytelling. Right?

Anonymous said...

yea, we do, ....so by your logic, does that mean the new one should ALSO be horrible with bad animation and storytelling?????

- exactly.

If your going to 'reboot" it,..why not do it with the intent of making it mirror the original concept and elevating it to a point where YOU (the cult audience that made it possible to reboot this thing in the first place) would want to take it.

Jaga said...

I was applying no logig, Anon. I too feel they blew a wonderful opportunity to do T'Cats "right".

I was merely pointing out that the original was shitty, too. Because people were talking as if the original was this great thing. It wasn't.

That's all.

They are merely "repackaging" the old turd for a new generation. I do not believe they had any intention of rebooting into something other than what it once was.

It COULD have been a great reimagining that people of all ages would enjoy. But that would require more effort, imagination and money than they are willing to put forth.