Monday, August 31, 2009



DISNEY is buying MARVEL.

Will this be the best or worse thing for fans?

I'm sad.


Comic Fan said...


Disney owns Miramax, which releases Quentin Tarantino films, which are by no means tamed down and kiddie.

Then again, those are QT films, these are established comic characters.

I'm thinking the Marvel Universe is about to become more friendly and light.

Warner Bros bought DC Comics many years ago and I've always felt DC's comics suffered from that.


Multiple Miggs said...

It's going to be... interesting. That's all your Uncle Miggsy can say at the moment. Will they throw a little extra $$$ behind the upcoming films, or just whore out the characters at their theme parks? Sadly, it will probably be the latter.

Red Jimsmash said...

Actually, they can't use the characters at the theme parks, at least not for a while. Universal currently has a deal to use them for a while.

And why'd you change the picture?

Jim said...


What will this mean? Will Disney merely OWN Marvel, but let Marvel be run as usual (for the most part)? Does Marvel stay "Marvel". Or will Marvel be absorbed into Disney?

Disney has already said Marvel characters will be implemented into the Disney Theme Parks immediately, so there's a chance Marvel will simply become Disney....

New York TImes reports
"Almost immediately, for instance, Marvel characters will pop up at Disney’s theme parks in Paris, Hong Kong and Orlando, Fla."

Will Marvel continue to address & comfort controversial issues like Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, Drug & Alchohol Abuse? What about Interracial & Gay relationships? Or will that be "too much" for Disney's Marvel? What happens to Marvel MAX imprint? Where does The Punisher fit into Disney's Marvel?

Will Disney want to keep current and long-term Marvel fans? Or decide to morph Marvel into a completely new "universe" that is for just the masses and "Family friendly"?

My fear is that Marvel will be come "Disneyfied".

Only time will tell....

Jim said...

re: change of picture

eh, wasn't feeling it... this one, I felt, jumped off the page a bit more... plus it has Mickey with the MU characters.

Richard G. said...

nfpgasmask said...

Great, now all future Marvel movies will be musicals...

Gina said...

When I saw this I didn't know what to think, or say. I hope it's not a change for the worse, and I hope it's more of a hands off deal sort of like what happens when Miyazaki's films are released here, but who knows. I definitely don't want the awesome and gritty storytelling to become watered down.

Timewaster said...

If this brings us ever closer to a return of "Peter Porker, Spectacular Spider-Ham", then I am all for it.

Simon said...

One of the great things about Marvel that separated it from DC and the others is its relationship with the fans. It wasn't some giant corporation, but a "bullpen" of like minded, talented individuals. Stan Lee was great with that, always speaking to the fans in the back of the comic. Marvel was like a clubhouse of friends.

That has ended with Disney buying it. I feel betrayed.

Greg Manuel said...

I find myself reacting to this news the same way as I did when Yankee Stadium was replaced by New Yankee Stadium. As a lifelong New Yorker it bothered me and turned me off on the Yankees as a result. If only a little bit, but it was a turn-off all the same.

I'm still in wait-and-see mode, but I feel a little let down. This doesn't seem necessary at all, and feels like a sell-out move.