Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Semi-related to my previous Batman Black & White statue posts, here's a cool custom... in 3D!

Czech 3D Modeler Stanislav Klabik writes:
"Hi, Batman is my latest personal work, the goal was to make head only, but i decided to make whole body. My last character was totally antihero named Lobo, so now I decided to make true hero:). I´ve tried to do some different model presentation with simple scene, so here is his statue as a 3d print of my sculpt, but without the cloak, because cloak will cover whole back and shoulders and this is mainly model presentation so here is my sorry to all Batman fans here:) Base meshes done in 3dsmax, sculpting in Mudbox, render done in Vray, the books and the furniture in background are evermotion." (source)-------------------------
*thanks, Andrew!

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Jill said...

Nice butt on the Batman! He's been working out! I can tell!