Friday, April 14, 2017


JimSmash Reader JEYL sent me this pic of the latest 'ALIEN' blu ray cover art. 

He says, "It doesn’t even set up an appropriate tone for her character. Here she is looking tough and geared like she's ready to go xeno hunting. That is just not her character. I’d dare say that wasn’t even her character in ALIENS, and she did gear up to confront some Xenos!

Yes yes and yes!

A few things immediately jumped out at me....

First off, they've photoshopped some "Narcissus armor" onto the 'Alien' promo photo of Sigourney Weaver circa 1979:

Sure, it caused a slight eye roll, but whatever.

What drove me nuts was they, once again, used the Wrong Alien to promote their own movie, using the alien from the god awful 'AVP-R'.

And to make matters worse, its an image of NECA'S TOY FIGURE!

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