Thursday, April 27, 2017


via Cosplay in America:

"I first saw Aliens when I was about 9 or 10 at home with my mom andsister. I remember loving the Vasquez character (I love STRONG females). Aliens was my first movie of the franchise I had seen and my favorite, because of Vasquez and the memory with my mom.

I came up with the cosplay after seeing cosplayer, Bernadette Bentley, do a mashup of her Xena and a Playboy bunny. I give her full credit for the inspiration. After see her cosplay I really wanted to do the same with my Vasquez.

The M56 Smartgun was made for me and the chest plate was a throwaway that I was able to salvage. The rest of the costume (steel-boned corset jumper, ears and tail) were completely hand made by me from an old pair of camo pants that I had. I love deconstructing and reconstructing. I'm also a seamstress, so I make a lot of my cosplays (I do commissions as well).

I went the first half of the day in my regular Vasquez cosplay, then switched to Vasquez Bunny of the last 1/2 of the day. I got a lot of positive responses, a few negative (saying I shouldn't mess with Vasquez). Vasquez usually gets a lot of attention. She's my most requested cosplay by fans. The fact that I look like her helps."

Vasquez from Aliens X Playboy Bunny
Photo : Gil Riego Photography



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