Friday, February 17, 2017


I might have to pick up this series!

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Matthew said...

I've also been enjoying Kei Zama's artwork on the Optimus series (and *want* that Wreck Gar cover as a print!) BUT I have to point out that the interior work for that issue is by Alex Milne (the lead artist on the insanely enjoyable More Than Meets The Eye–and hopefully returning soon to it's successor Lost Light)

Milne's been my favorite Transformers artist for a while now (modern at least, I still loves me some Geoff Senior) but Zama is quickly rising up the ranks.

And if you haven't already, you seriously have to pick up some More Than Meets The Eye trades. James Roberts and Alex Milne do some amazing work together and craft some stories about robots who can turn into stuff that'll make you laugh, contemplate your life, laugh some more and just completely rip your heart out.

Keep up the good work Jim! Been a reader for a good while now. Cheers!