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“This year DC is celebrating the fantastic brain of Jack Kirby and this is our offering to that wonderful tribute,” said Young Animal curator Gerard Way introducing the new miniseries, “Bug! The Adventures of Forager.” The book will re-team brothers Michael and Lee Allred for the first time since their last Kirby-verse romp, “FF,” while also bringing in Michael’s wife and usual colorist Laura Allred. It will focus on the titular character Forager the Bug, who Lee describes as “a kinetic action hero on one hand, an alienated, introspective youth on the other.”

Forager the Bug is a product of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, first appearing in “New Gods” #9 in 1972. (This is coincidentally also the issue that made these two Allred brothers fall in love with the characters in their youth.) While The Bug is a resident of New Genesis, he and his people live in colonies beneath the planet’s surface, unlike the New Gods who populate Supertown. He has superhuman strength, reflexes, speed, and jumping ability, along with his shield, gloves, and boots that allow him to stick to walls.
“I am absolutely thrilled to have the first family of comics, the Allreds, producing ‘Bug!: The Adventures of Forager’” said Way. “In Young Animal fashion, this mini-series takes an alternative look at a character from the past, Forager, who has a few unturned stones in his history. The Allreds’ brand of wild and weird fits perfectly with what we are doing, and in some ways inspired various aspects of the imprint – so it only makes sense to bring them in to do what they do best.”
The series will take Forager on a multiversal journey to stop an evil uprising by General Electric. Kirby’s interpretations of popular characters such as Blue Beetle, Atlas, and Sandman are all confirmed to appear. It’s also safe to assume we might see a New God or two in this story. Lee describes it as “ a family team project about a family road trip.”
When describing the creative process Laura Allred said, “What a blast to watch Mike and Lee work together. It’s like listening to little kids romping in a sandbox and hearing their imaginations burst as they play. I get inspired whenever the three of us slip into that perfect creative stream.”

Readers will receive their first look into the world of “Bug!: Adventures of Forager”  on May 10th. This is the second series DC is launching in 2017 to honor the 100th birthday of Jack “The King” Kirby.

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