Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Well, some brainbox decided it was a good idea to make Chewbacca's son, from 'The Star Wars Holiday Special', fucking canon.

via MovieWeb:

Screen Rant reports that there are sections of [the upcoming novel "Aftermath: Empire's End]which offer numerous interludes, providing "snapshots" of the goings-on in several different parts of the galaxy. One of these interludes is set on Kashyyyk, following a Wookiee named Lumpawaroo, a.k.a. "Waroo." This Wookie is trying to take out all of the remaining traces of the Empire, as he's seen freeing a group from a child labor camp. Waroo then comes face to face with an Imperial officer named Dessard, who seems to enjoy torturing wookies. Before Dessard kills Waroo, his father Chewbacca comes in with a rescue group and saves the day, leading to an emotional reunion where they "sing a song of family."

This book confirms that Chewbacca's son, seen only during the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, is now, in fact part of the official Star Wars cinematic canon.

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