Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Holy crap... my buddy, WILLIE (of AliensCollection.com) is selling his badass Colonial Marine DROPSHIP model kit!! I would gladly accept this as a gift, but if you want it it for yourself that's cool.

Here's some more info:

You are bidding on an incredibly RARE large scale garage kit of the Colonial Marine Dropship from Aliens.  You are bidding on an unassembled KIT ONLY - not the completed model you see in the photos.  Kit photos are the actual pieces you will receive.  PLEASE NOTE: this is an incredibly challenging kit to build, and will require some advance modeling technique to build like you see in the photos.  For example, you may possibly need to drill and insert small pins to attach the two upright tail fins to the hull and set them at the correct angle.  Additional scratch building may be required.  Also, there is no "hinge" mechanism to open/close the wings and weapons pods, so that's something you'll have to engineer / scratch build if you want to add that functionality - or you can build it as a static display model.  

Kit does come with a complete set of decals, along with BRAND NEW - newly 3D designed missile pod pylons and a set of incredibly accurate landing struts - much more accurate then previous versions of this kit.  The only major issue with the parts is the rear "whale tail" tail fin is slightly warped - it's resin, so you should be able to play with it somewhat.  

Buy it HERE!

More pics:

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