Tuesday, January 24, 2017


For the past few months, Marvel has been quietly putting out some fun (but not necessarily great) books. And so, a few brief thoughts on Marvel's April 2017 Solicitations:

THE CREW get their own series. 
And BLACK PANTHER finally picked up the pace in issue 8 and 9.
Here's hoping the interest stays.

CHAMPIONS has a great lineup. Issue 4 was the only issue I really loved, but it showed the series' potential. Let's hope we get more like that.
AVENGERS is ok, but the art by MIKE DEL MUNDO is the real draw!

Hey, MAN-THING covers!

OLD MAN LOGAN is a surprise hit. And these new covers are super fun.

BEN REILLY returns... in a lame costume. 
The hood works for Spider-Gwen, but not so much here.

NOVA #2 was great. I'm hoping RICH RIDER sticks around. 
And the art is fantastic.
THANOS is a surprise, possible hit. I enjoyed #1-2, so we shall see.

If you get past some bumps and swallow some unsavory concepts (keeping faith the writer knows what he's doing), ULTIMATES and ULTIMATES2 by Ewing is a cool cosmic extension from Hickman's recent "Marvel Opus". I just wish the cast was a little more interesting for me... like put Mr Fantastic in there.

Oh boy. WEAPON X with Greg Land art. I know, I know.
But I'm interested to see Old Man Logan interact with Sabretooth, who's been interesting again under CULLEN BUNN's pen over in 'Uncanny X-Men'

Speaking of CULLEN BUNN, his new title X-MEN: BLUE has the time-displaced ORIGINAL X-MEN. Could be interesting to have them together again, yet with different approaches. For example, Jean Grey is the leader (why not Cyclops baffles me, but we'll find out I suppose). Bunn writes the X-Men well, so I'm intrigued for this.

^ X-23's new costume looks kinda cool.

^ Nice Guardians of the Galaxy cover by ART ADAMS

^ A few good books: 


* the only books I'm currently buying are OLD MAN LOGAN and MIGHTY THOR. Depending on how the series go, I might pick up the ULTIMATES in trade down the road. Thank you friends who let me read your copies!

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